Edward G. Canup

Ed Canup is a native of Tallahassee, Florida. He joined the banking team at Capital City Bank in 1983 after having earned an AA from Tallahassee Community College and a BS in Accounting from Florida State University. Ed spent his early years in internal auditing and as Chief Accounting Officer. From the mid-1980s until 2015 Ed led the real estate and commercial banking areas of the bank. It was there that Ed managed the company’s largest and most complex relationships as well as work-outs with success.

In 2015 Ed helped lead the bank through a period of corporate transition and today serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer. In that role Ed is guiding corporate revenue strategy, leading to the Company’s continued advancement. Ed is known by his co-workers for his ability to understand the needs of his clients and serving as a mentor to so many of the bank’s associates. In 2014 Ed was awarded the Godfrey Smith Award – the highest internal honor a Capital City Associate can receive.

Ed is active in Tallahassee, serving on the TMH Foundation, Tallahassee Memorial Health Ventures, Southeast Community Health Services, Florida TaxWatch and Promised Land Community Development boards. Ed and his wife, Lisa, have three children.

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