2013 Banquet Photos

Former Chairman Walter W. Manley, II, and Trustee Stephen Winn present Marqise Lee the unique Biletnikoff Award ring at a Trustees’ welcome party at the Manley home on February 8, 2013.

“The Biletnikoff Award Banquet is the best in college sports!”“The Biletnikoff Award Banquet is the best in college sports!”

“The Biletnikoff Award Banquet is the best in college sports!”

Larry Csonka, NFL Hall of Fame
Keynote Speaker, Biletnikoff Award Banquet
February 9, 2013

Former Chairman Walter W. Manley, II, presents the most beautiful trophy in college sports to 2012 Biletnikoff Award winner Marqise Lee.

Founding Trustee Tom Cox, Jr., Founding Trustee Bob Teel, and Trustee Stephen R. Winn present the beautiful Biletnikoff Award ring to Trustee Mel Pope, II, commemorating 20 years of superlative service to the Foundation.

CEO and president of the Southern Scholarship Foundation reveals his foundation will be a patron-partner contributor to the Tallahassee Quarterback Club Foundation and pledges huge annual support for the Tallahassee Quarterback Club Foundation’s scholars.

Charlie Barnes: the best Master of Ceremonies in the business—his 19th straight Biletnikoff Award Banquet as MC.

Former Foundation Chairman Walter W. Manley, II, welcomes banquet guests and ESPN viewers and salutes Foundation scholars, who will receive $740,000 in college scholarships.

A standing ovation for MC Charlie Barnes by 550 patrons. Chairman Manley also presented Charlie a book from Coach K at Duke with his personal letter to Charlie, together with a Biletnikoff Award brooch for Charlie’s lovely wife Connie Barnes and a Biletnikoff Award ring with a garnet stone to Charlie. The plaque honored Charlie’s 20 years of service and cited him as “the best”, while revealing his new status as an Honorary Trustee of the Foundation.

2013 banquet keynote speaker and Hall of Famer Larry Csonka delivers fantastic speech and calls the Biletnikoff Award Banquet “the best in college sports.”