2014-2015 TQC Foundation Committee Chairmen and Members

2014-2015 TQC Foundation Committee Chairmen and Members


Chairman: Walter Manley, II
All Trustees are members


Chairmen: Tom Cox, Jr. and Richard Chichetti
Deputy Chairmen: Steve Dobson, III and Charles Hopkins

-Banquet Videos
Chairman: Ritchie W. Pickron


-Banquet Seating
Chairman: Walter W. Manley, II


-Banquet Printed Program
Co-Chairmen: Walter W. Manley, II and Ritchie W. Pickron


-Liason to MC
Chairman: Walter W. Manley, II


Acquisition of Sponsorship of VIP Reception

Chairman: Bill Hilaman
Member: Stephen Winn

Research for Banquet

Chairman: Walter W. Manley, II
Member: Jenn Johnson and Reynolds Arrington, volunteer

Major Gifts, Events and Sponsors of Banquet and Award

Chairman: Paul Phipps
Deputy Chairman: Walter W. Manley, II, Ritchie W. Pickron

Silent Auction

Co-Chairmen: Ritchie W. Pickron and Charles Hopkins
Members: Scott Houston, Steve Dobson, Jerry Blaisdell, Walter W. Manley, II and volunteer Reynolds Arrington

Trustees Welcome Party

Chairman: Walter W. Manley, II

Trustees Affairs

Chairman: Ritchie W. Pickron
Members: L. Thomas Cox, Jr., Mike Mattimore, Walter W. Manley, II, Steve Dobson, III, Rocky Bevis, Charles Hopkins, Jerry Blaisdell, Scott Houston, Stan Sheppard, Bob Teel, Mark Bonn and Paul Phipps

Selection Committee

Co-Chairmen: Ritchie W. Pickron, Walter W. Manley, II, and Bill Hilaman
Deputy Chairman: Mark Haney

Host Committee

(Winner and Family, Coaches and School Officials, Biletnikoffs, and Keynote Speaker)
Co-Chairmen: Mike Mattimore, Richard Chichetti, Rocky Bevis, and Jerry Blaisdell

Special Promotions, Solicitations and VIP Relations

Chairman: Stephen Winn
(Rings, commemoratives, special solicitations, trophy sales, and special liaison to winner’s head coach for fundraising)

Liaison to the Biletnikoff Family

Jerry Blaisdell, assisted by Charles Hopkins

Scholarship/Philanthropy Committee

Co-Chairmen: L. Thomas Cox, Jr. and Charles Hopkins
Deputy Chairmen: Walter W. Manley, II, Stan Sheppard, and Bob Teel
Members: Ken Wilson, Stan Sheppard, Bob Teel, Ritchie W. Pickron, Richard Bush, Scott Houston, and Reynolds Arrington

Sportsman of the Year Committee

Chairman: Walter W. Manley, II
Members: Charles Hopkins, Scott Houston, Dr. Richard Chichetti, Steve Dobson, Ritchie W. Pickron

Public Relations

Chairman: Walter W. Manley, II


Chairman: Walter W. Manley, II

Student Interns Committee

Chairman: Professor Walter W. Manley II


Chairman: Jerry Blaisdell


Representative: Walter W. Manley, II
Alternate representative: Charles Hopkins

ESPN’s The Home Depot College Football Awards Show

Chairman: Charles Hopkins
Members: Walter W. Manley, II and L. Tom Cox, Jr.

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